Integral Psychotherapy

Integral psychotherapy is a holistic practice that blends multiple types of therapy into a unified whole.

We work deeply: Your unconscious self is so much larger than your conscious mind. It is the repository of all you’ve learned and experienced. Its prime directive is to keep you alive, safe, secure, thriving, and growing.

If you get into overwhelming pain, or even overwhelming joy, you will repress what you think you can't handle. Undigested experience sits in your proverbial basement, tying up emotional energy and waiting to be released.

It sends signals up from the basement in the form of bothersome thoughts, disturbing emotions, or perhaps physical symptoms. We listen, gently and carefully, to what your beautiful and valiant unconscious body-mind needs to tell you in order to heal.

Sometimes we have multiple layers of defenses. You may be projecting your issues onto someone else. Your symptoms will show up in them! But you are still spending valuable emotional energy not to grow, not to be real, not to be your authentic and spontaneous self.

Anyone who has had depth therapy will attest to happiness in being free to be the real you. That is the self that wants to grow.

We work practically: Once we are acquainted, I try to offer a takeaway in every session, be it a different perspective, a feeling of some deep healing, or a new tool for your Integral Growth Work.

We use a holistic approach: Integral work is always a blend. We work psychologically as above, and pay attention to feelings in your physical and subtle bodies, using a variation on Gendlin's Focusing work.

Also, we utilize your personal strengths and resources to improve weaker areas. It's easier to adapt a skill that you already have in some other context. E.g., a feeling of healthy self-esteem in one context can help with an "impostor phenomenon" in another.

We work to develop your personal philosophy and/or spirituality: These are especially helpful for traumatic losses, a major life turning point, or when dealing with mortality.

Sometimes, people have paranormal experiences and feel unable to talk about and integrate the experiences. Or a person might have a spiritual crisis and need help grounding themselves in ordinary reality and a healthy ego.

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Benefits of Integral Psychotherapy

  • Holistic: Includes mind, body, and spirit
  • Depth and Surface: Helps you unify different parts of yourself
  • Wholeness: Heals old wounds
  • Self-Fulfillment: Recognizes your strengths
  • Integrated: Blends many types of therapy into one
  • Existential Therapy: Helps you find your unique purpose in life
  • Grounded: Improves and balances your self-esteem
  • Multiple Perspectives: Improves your relationships
  • Body Mind: Loosens the hold of addictions
  • Inner Advisor: Offers psych-spiritual healing

When life is difficult, we try to make sense of things. If we learn a life lesson, we’ll do better next time. If we don’t, the problem often repeats until we do.

At every age, there are life lessons. This way, the universe hints at an unseen order.

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If you are doing an Integral Life Practice (ILP), this is the shadow.

Integral Growth Work and Therapy Outside of New York

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Getting Started

We begin with a free introductory phone call to create a therapy or growth work plan for you.

Payment Options

When services are not covered, we will create a workable fee schedule for you. E-mail or call for further information.

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